Sunday, October 30, 2011

Volunteer Get Together

We had lots of fun seeing everyone again at the Volunteer Get Together on Saturday! We wish we could meet all of you but we know it just isn't feasible. Thanks to all of our volunteers for bringing smiles to our SLT friends!


Anonymous said...

what a great picture and great time we had.. it was so nice meeting some of the great gals who help with the cards...wish more could come love to all mom/marie

Unknown said...

Hello Friends, I can't thank you all enough for the cards of love, it's always a smile to open up a card. I know i am not your typical SLT, it's been five years since we met, and four since I was 'downgraded' to a lessor tumor type. I let you know and was told I would get a 'parting gift' and the cards would stop- but they never did, and it has been an awesome gift. My medical journey has been tough, and that you are all so generous to stay with me through so much. No change in my tumor but looks like I might be looking at surgery for chiari I, how funny I need brain surgery and not for the tumor. We never treated chiari or tonsil cysts, and finally after years of begging, I am going to get some help. I bring my sunflower blanket (I don't recall telling anyone they were my favorite :o) and save cards whenever I go into the hospital- I tell people the cards are from my fan club, and the 're-usable' cards from Anne often come in handy while I am there. We are hoping the surgeries will help with the balance issues, so I hope to be quilting and baking soon. I haven't' done my labs or heard from scheduling yet so the hope is, two surgeries this summer, and with luck, I will drive again. I am told I will not regain my hearing but am hopeful the annoying tinnitus will stop.
I have always meant to send thank you's to all of you, I have a little blue packet thing that SLT sent in my very first care package, and it is bursting with the return addresses. I am so grateful. Thanks for being my 'fan club'. x's and o's, Sandy