Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another snow day

Hi everyone!
We have yet another snow day here in Ohio! Fun for teachers and students but traveling is ridiculous. Here is a cupcake card we made at club. It is really easy. Put the frosting part through a cuttlebug and then rub chalks over it. Put the bottom part through a crimper and it looks just like the cupcake wrapper. Hope you enjoy this one.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Birthday card

Hi everyone!
Here is a card I made using some of Alexstamping ideas, combined with Stampscapes. It is actually for my brother in law, not SLT but I thought I would post it because it could be used for all types of cards.
Enjoy your day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lauri C's card

Here is a card a volunteer sent for our friends. Before we send it out, I thought I would post a copy for inspiration. If any of you ever have any cards that you would like posted here for others to see, please email me a copy or send it to me and I will post before I mail.

Stay warm!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stay Warm

Today is another day off from school because of the temperatures. I hope all of you are staying warm. It is a good day to make cards and if you need inspiration I found this Flicker site which has all kinds of cards made with rubberstamps. You can look at the cards without on group pool....but to add your own cards, you need to join.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snow Day

Hi everyone!

Well teaching does have an extra perk in the winter time.....a snow day. Actually it is a cold day because our temperatures are so low here. So here is another site I found while surfing. It seems to have lots of good links.

Monday, January 12, 2009

One Powerful Hour Challenge

One of the ladies from my Circle of Friends group has a wonderful challenge site called One Powerful Hour, where you have one hour to create and clean up using a theme. This week's theme is birthdays and it happens to be her birthday, so here is my creation for her and her challenge. Happy Birthday Caroline; I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another link for you

Hi everyone!

Here is another site for you to check out when you have time. Please let me know if you find any helpful websites to post too!

Long distance hugs

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


YAHOO YAHOO....we have had 5 new volunteers this week....keep spreading the word for us!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

January February assignments

Hi everyone, Here is the schedule for January 2009 AND February 2009. It seems to be working better doing two months at a time; please let us know if you have problems with this. PLEASE BE SUREYOU HAVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK SO IT DOESN’T BOUNCE MY EMAIL AS SPAM. I am sending this as TWO EMAILS; one is the news and the assignments and the second email is the addresses. Hope this helps. As you heard by now, we are sad to report we lost two friends; Ella H and Jon C earned their wings in November. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both families. We welcome new friends; Kole M, Brian E., and Peighton. We also welcome new volunteers; Lisa A., Margaret, Mildred, Kevin, Misty M, Danielle, Lori W., Ellen P, Margie R., Cheryl A, Shan Pals, and Leah A. Thank you so much for helping to bring smiles to our friends with brain cancer. If any of you belong to any card making groups, please tell them about us. SLTprefers to have handmade cards sent, but this is NOT a necessity. Some of our volunteers are purchasing cards to send which is just as wonderful. If your card making groups or clubs wish to make cards one month, they can send them to our P.O. Box. I hope the blog links have been helpful. I have not been posting a lot lately because it does not seem to be visited often. I will keep posting links for you to use for creative ideas for your cards. If you anything you want linked, please let me know through the site or through email. Also, we now have a store set up where anyone can purchase merchandise with Send Love Today’s logo and website. Check it out at

Birthdays for January and February. Friends (If you wish to send an extra card, we are sure they would enjoy the birthday wishes!) Caleb (Jan 7), Drew G (Jan 18), Hunter (2/9), Alexa B (2/21), Ella W (2/24) Volunteers: Suzann (Jan 2), Beth C (Jan 10), Brooke (Jan 16), Carol and Shan Pals (1/23) Ellen (Feb 4), Jan P. & Rebecca P (Feb 15), Karen (Feb 17th), Sandi (Feb 22) We hope all of you have a very special day!

Please let me know if this schedule does NOT work for you or if you are unable to meet your commitment;remember someone is counting on you. (If ever you wish to change your commitment, either MORE (lol) or less per week, simply email me!!) You can send little surprises too if you wish. Be sure to sign the card with your name and also SEND LOVE TODAY. (You can sign your first, or first and last, whichever you are comfortable with). You are not required to update me every time you send a card but you certainly can if you have the time. ***There is a wonderful website called CaringBridge( which has daily updates on some of our "friends". It is nice to see the faces behind the names we send cards too and keep updated on the struggles they are going through. You can always drop them a line on their websites too.
Sarah's is
Marlayna's is
Alexa B's is
Bayleigh's is
John S’s is
Olivia’s is
Owyn’s is
Andrew’s is
Erin’s is
Justice’s is
Krystin’s is
Diana’s is
Trevor’s is
Rian’s is
Maggie’s is
Drew’s is
John Williams is listed under johnwilliams
Kayla’s is
Emily B’s
Emily Lee’s

There is also a place called Care Pages. You have to set up an account first to view them but it is similar to CaringBridgeand gives you photos and updates. Log in at, then the individual’s name.
Maddie ( Madeline’s) is under Maddiekojeszewski
Chris B’s is under OurPeanut
Jack’s page is under JacksonRyan
Caleb’s is under keepingupwithcaleb
Conner B.’s is under Oobi

THE SCHEDULEFor each of the 4 weeks in January beginning with the week of January 4th ANDthe 4 weeks in February:
Sue F – Marilyn, Diana (every other week)
Ann Ries- one to each (please let me know when you can no longer do this Ann)
Beth R – none for January
Debbie W –Alexa S
Debby B – Ann
Diane R-Bayleigh
Jan L – Erin
Jane T – Justice
Jeanne P – Madeline
Jenn A – Quinn
Jodi R – Trevor
June J – Harley
Karen R. – Briannah
Kristen Kojeszewski – John W
Linda S. – Diana
Michelle H – Benjamin D
Misty B – None for January
Nancy P – None for Jan
Sandy Popa – Cathy H
Trish K – Ella W
Valerie B – Emily B
Vicki W. – Maggie
Tiffany – Mark
Allison - Drew
Karen M – Vinny
Sharon S – Hunter
Sarah D – Andrew
Beth C – Chris B
Libby A – Conner M
Renee R – Krystin
Christine P – Owyn
Rebecca P – Caleb
Jeannnette – Cheyenne
Shelly D – Claire
Patricia S – Conner B
Girl Scout Troop 143- Jack
Bridget S – Marilyn, John S.
CheyenneM – Marlayna, Olivia
Elaine S– Sarah, Peighton
Karla G – Brian E. Kole M.
Kathy S – Alexa S., Ann
Michelle A. – Bayleigh, Erin
Noreen S – Justice, Madeline
Sarah Elizabeth – Quinn, Rian
Cheryl R. – Trevor, Harley
Jeri – Briannah, John W
Diane K- Kayla, Benjamin D
Pamela E – Alexa B, Cathy H
Loisirene – Ella W., Emily B
Carol H – Emily Lee, Maggie
Amy H. – Mark, Drew, Vinny
Linda T –Mary Pham
Barb W – Hunter, Andrew, Chris B.
Cathe G – Conner M., Krystin, Owyn
Kimberly T – Zach, Caleb, Cheyenne
Krista S – Claire, John S. Marilyn
Kristen Kolesar – Jack, Marlayna, Olivia
Marlene P – Conner B Sarah, Peighton
Mom – Rian, Kayla, Zach, Emily Lee
Sher R – Brian E., Kole M., Alexa S
Suzann S- John W., Chris B.
Tori D – Andrew, Conner M, Krystin
Cee I – Cheyenne, Claire, Conner B
Jessica F. – Owyn, Zach, Caleb
Lisa W – Jack, John S. Marlayna
Lisa A – Olivia
Margaret – Sarah, Peighton, Brian E.
Mildred – Kole M
Kevin K – Mark
Misty M – Alexa B
Ellen P – Ella W.
Margie R – Cathy H., Emily B., Maggie
Cheryl A – Emily Lee
Shan Pals – Drew, Vinny
Leah A – Hunter

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope this year brings you many smiles because you are taking the time to brings smiles to those dealing with brain cancer and you deserve smiles too! If you have any links you want me to add to this site, please let me know!

Thanks for all you do! Enjoy the new links!